January and February in the YA Room

Thursday, January 14 @ 7pm
Pom Pom Scarves
Make a fashion statement by creating a colorful pom-pom scarf. Sign up January 4.

Tuesday, January 19 @ 7pm
Dream Catchers and Journals
Dream catchers are believed to catch bad dreams and only allow good dreams to pass through.  Come make your own dream catcher and decorate a journal to write down the interesting dreams you do have. Sign up January 4.

Thursday, January 21 @ 7pm
Reduce Test Anxiety and Improve Test Taking Skills
Certified Hypnotist, Gloria Drewitz shares professional techniques to help students remain calm while preparing for and taking actual exams. Topics include: memory, concentration, self-discipline and comprehension. Sign up January 4.

Tuesday, February 16 @ 7pm
Conversation Hearts Cake
Make a wonderful 7 inch round cake with fondant shaped conversation hearts for Valentine’s Day. Sign up February 2. There is a $2 materials fee.

Thursday, February 18 @ 7pm
Chocolate Dachshund Craft
Using candy bars and chocolate make an adorable edible dog. Sign up February 2.

Tuesday, February 23 @ 7pm
Mandala Coloring Pages
Come color and see how relaxing it can be.  It is believed that mandala coloring is an easy and effective way to meditate. No registration needed.

Thursday, February 25@ 7pm
YA Book Discussion: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
Discuss this unique and exciting book before it hits the big screen this year. Sign up February 11.


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